• How do I post a picture

  • Look at the icons above the message you are composing. The second one from the left will allow you to upload a picture from your computer. (make sure the picture isn't super large or it may not work).

  • I just found it but says it’s to large can I make smaller some how?

  • Sure. Most photo programs allow you to downsize pictures (just don't overwrite your original.....make sure you "save as" and rename it, or "export as"). If you don't have one that came with your camera there are lots of free alternatives. Google is your friend when you want to do these things. Often a youtube video will walk you through it. If you took the picture on your phone it will likely have an option to downsize as well. If there is nothing obvious, try emailing the picture to yourself......usually there is a downsize option when you email a pic.

  • @angel
    If the tips from eeeefarm are overwhelming, message me and I'll resize it for you.

    This is a fairly easy method and free online program:

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