• << I will say though this isn't our first time around the ol' dog park and I have had puppies before (i'm in the loop on how much work that is). But at the end of the day it is a dog having puppies whether its a basenji or a lab, puppies are a lot of work and a ton of responsibility but its not exactly complex physics (hehe…its much harder than that) >>

    Uh....it isn't the puppies that are the hard part...it is the planning of a genetically and physically healthy litter with sound temperaments. And of course breeding isn't complex physics...throw any male and female together and voila....any idiot can do it...and lots of idiots do.

    Believe me, we aren't concerned about your work ethic, but rather to your commitment to the breed that we wish to preserve. Everytime someone breeds a litter with no health testing behind them, they may be spreading genes for diseases that the people who end up with those puppies, and those puppies' puppies will have to deal with for the life of their dog. It also pollutes the gene pool. Everytime someone breeds a litter with no regard to the temperament of the parents, they are risking the lives of the puppies they produce because those dogs could be destroyed for temperament issues.

    So, yeah...it's not rocket science...but maybe it should be treated like it is....I mean, how many people have been disappointed by a sick or nasty dog, and how many have been disappointed by NASA?

  • Welcome…she is adorable...

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