New member, New Basenji mom!

Hello: I have a B&W 19 month old male Basenji named Paco and as of a week ago a 7 month old R&W Basenji girl named Nala. Both adopted through B.R.A.T.
I also have multiple house cats. I've been on a very steep learning curve this past year & it continues. The more I learn the more I love these dogs. They are a mischievious handful but cannot imagine life without them. Learning how to deal with 2 of them is a new adventure!:eek: Bonnie, Yakima, WA

Hi Bonnie! Welcome to Basenji Forums!

Do you have any photos of Paco and Nala? It would be great if you can post them in the Show Off Your Dog thread. Let us know if you need help posting your photos.

Yea, you found this forum.
Hugs my friend.

Hello Sharron: Yes I found the site and joined. Now I have to figure out how to reply to these and later, send photos. Bonnie

Welcome to the forums! Sounds like you have your hands full with that bunch! wow!

Welcome to the forum!

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