• When I joined this forum last July, I did it on a whim. I didn't really expect it to have the impact on my life that it has.
    On Monday evening I found that my Stormie dog was spilling sugar in his urine during his routine monthly glucose test. It was my worst nightmare come true. I contacted Basenji Boy, and he and his wonderful wife helped me through a very rough patch. They gave me information to resources that, before becoming a member of this forum, I never would have had access to. They helped me locate a vet who is familiar with Fanconi Syndrome and is willing to work with Dr. Gonto's protocol. I have found, through this forum, some very dear friends who I can't begin to thank enough for all the support they've given me and the kindness they've shown.
    As it turns out, my Stormie has been diagnosed in the very early stages of Fanconi Syndrome. His blood tests revealed that much. Next Thursday afternoon, Storm is scheduled for a blood gas test so we can get started on the protocol.
    I just wanted to share with everyone how much these boards have personally touched me. Without them and the wonderful folks here, I wouldn't be half as prepared to fight the battle ahead of me and Stormie dog.
    Hugs and Kudos B-Boy and DogTrvlr - you guys are the best!

  • Kudos to you for testing your dog, that is so important and I'm guilty of not doing it enough. I will test mine tonight, inspired by your reminder.
    Catching it early is a good thing, and many dogs do really well on the protocol for many many years.

  • Thank you so much for the warm words and thank you everyone for being part of our community!

  • Yes, kudos for testing… and hugs.... there is also a B-List for people with Fanconi dogs that you might want to join.. lots of support. It is a yahoo list and you can seach for it... they only have people on the list with Fanconi dogs...
    Don't know where you got Stormie from, but if a breeder please be sure to let them know....

  • @red:

    When I joined this forum last July, I did it on a whim. I didn't really expect it to have the impact on my life that it has.

    I will mirror those sentiments. My forum experience has touched me in so many ways. The friends that I've made, the people I've met in person and several rewarding experiences to look back on, all due to these curly tailed dogs and this forum. We can help each other in so many ways and everybody wins IMO. You hear so much and have to be careful with people via the internet, but sometimes you get a gut feeling and have to go with it………..my gut hasn't failed me yet……very classy people indeed.

    Thank You R&Wfurever, we wish nothing but good things for Uncle Stormie and his B-Mom, we are so happy to have helped.

    Thank You Alex and Vanessa, this forum helps so many, you should be proud.

    Special dogs, special people.🆒

  • @tanza:

    Don't know where you got Stormie from, but if a breeder please be sure to let them know….

    The breeder is no longer in country, but we will contact her and those she's entrusted her placed dogs to.

    Thanks for the support Tanza.:) 🆒

  • RWF - Your words have touched me (sniff-sniff). Yes we're blessed to have and be on board here with the wisdom of many Basenji enthusiasts. So glad that you found the FS early on and pray that Stormies treatment is a smooth transition. Stormie probably won't even know there's a problem as he continues having a long healthy life with you. 🙂

  • R&Wfurever- I echo your same sentiments!! I don't know what I would do without this forum. I feel like I'm in good company & somewhat "normal" being a B owner 😃

    I imagine this is a difficult time for you & Stormie but everyone here, as great friends will be an amazing support for you both. We were keeping our fingers & paws crossed but I guess the outcome is what it is.

    We have lots to still be positive about & have every reason to believe that we can look forward to a REEEEEAAAAAALLY long life for Stormie.

  • Since Jojo is my first B I have found this forum to be very helpful and boy the info you can get…it is a wonderful place to come and share your stories and concerns and questions about your fur baby...thanks...

  • Would you be willing to share his pedigree with us? Public or private? Many of us that breed keep records on Fanconi dogs so that in considering breeding we know what is going on…. at least it helps until we have a DNA test...

  • Thank-you everyone for the kind words. It's amazing that an internet community can do so much!

  • Red & White Furever, it's the rocks that a stream encounters in it's journey that make it heard.
    Because of the rock you and Stormie have now encountered, we are all abel to hear your words.
    Thanks for your message and know that you both will be in many hearts and prayers in the days ahead. 🙂

  • No matter where you are, we are here.

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