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    I’m hoping some breededi![alt text](image url)can help.
    I was of the understandin that there is a marked difference in the width of the skull at its widest point between male and female. When I looked at female champions, my Rukuba had none in her lineage , they all had a finer look to the head making it appear longer. The males ,all of Rukuba lineage are champions they had a slightly wider head .
    Now I deemed her head to

  • ![alt text](![image url](![image url](image url)))Differed from the champion enough that it strayed from the breed standard so I ![alt text](image url)fixed her. Am I correct or does head size not come into it![alt text](image url)

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    I am unclear what your post means. Are you saying your dog's pedigree has no bitches that were champions, but all the males were champions? It might help if you posted a picture of the pedigree. Or are you saying you looked at their pictures and think the males have champion looking heads but the females don't.

    Is she registered? Have you talked to her breeder about your questions?

    As for head size difference, not sure where you are finding that standard. Australia uses the FCI standard ( http://ankc.org.au/Breed/Detail/128 ) which does not differentiate between male or female heads.

    Head And Skull:
    Flat, well-chiselled and medium width, tapering towards nose, with slight stop. Distance from top of head to stop slightly more than from stop to tip of nose. Side lines of skull taper gradually towards mouth, giving a clean-cheeked appearance. Fine and profuse wrinkles appearing on forehead when ears pricked, side wrinkles desirable but not exaggerated into dewlap. Wrinkles more noticeable in puppies, but because of lack of shadowing, not as noticeable in tri-colours; black nose desirable.<<

    Markings and other things can make heads look different, but a disproportionate head isn't desirable on a male or female. Hopefully a breeder will comment further but without a photo of your bitch, I am not sure what help you can get regarding correctness.

  • 0_1508360253824_rukuba.jpg in her Lineage there are no female champions but all the males are i dont have her papers handy. I love her to bits and she is a right arrogant bitch most of the time but i havent met a dog she cant dominate she loves EVERYONE and has only just now at 6 started plating with an object be it ball or a feather or another random item

  • Looks normal to me. She's a pretty girl!

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