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0_1508360253824_rukuba.jpg in her Lineage there are no female champions but all the males are i dont have her papers handy. I love her to bits and she is a right arrogant bitch most of the time but i havent met a dog she cant dominate she loves EVERYONE and has only just now at 6 started plating with an object be it ball or a feather or another random item

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![alt text](![image url](![image url](image url)))Differed from the champion enough that it strayed from the breed standard so I ![alt text](image url)fixed her. Am I correct or does head size not come into it![alt text](image url)

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I’m hoping some breededi![alt text](image url)can help.
I was of the understandin that there is a marked difference in the width of the skull at its widest point between male and female. When I looked at female champions, my Rukuba had none in her lineage , they all had a finer look to the head making it appear longer. The males ,all of Rukuba lineage are champions they had a slightly wider head .
Now I deemed her head to

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