Electra knows a few curse-words in Dog.

  • Here we (partner and I) are bragging on how cool it is to have a canine who doesn't bark when lo-and-behold Electra Basenji cuts loose with a sound that sounded VERY bark like.

    I think it was that part of her early childhood was around actual dogs and she learned a few curse-words in Dog. Baxter really hates it. But then he generally hates all barky-dogs. Kind of like how we get would annoyed at hooting-monkeys.

    When she does it at home (usually to antagonize Baxter B), and Ace H cringes I usually claim she is bi-lingual. However this time it was at the dog park. Just as (like I said) I was bragging on how cool having a barkless can be.

    I covered quickly pointing out that humans can hoot like monkeys but most of us only do it to annoy other humans.

    Anyway, had to share. 🙂

  • That's so cute! Corky will let out a 'bark' every so often. It's the cutest thing to see his face after he does it. Like, "What the heck did I just say?" 😃

  • LOL…I can just see or "hear" it...I was under the impression that Bs cannot bark but Jojo's foster mom (BRAT) that we adopted her from said that yes Bs can bark but not a repetative bark like other dogs...

  • B's can and do "bark" it just is different then the "yappy" bark of many dogs and usually just a single bark instead of being "strung together"… and it is more like a "boof" (cross between a bark and a woof).... Remember a Basenjis can bark, they just choose in many cases not to.

  • Yeap my B has let out a bark but just a single one. I guess since I'm not used to it it sounds magical. He's only done it twice, once when it took me too long to get my shoes on after his leash was on and another time when a next door neigboor's dog would not stop barking. Always trying to get him to speak to me but he won't do it. Just like a baby, they only do it when they want.

  • Nala's kind of sounds like this, "BERF!" and that's it. Once in a while , it has the start of a roo before or after. Funny little creatures, aren't they?! When I tell people they are barkless, I always add, "But they are not mute!"

  • Oh and by the way…. my Kristii knows quite a few swear words... ggg We often say... "I don't think I want to know what that is in English"....

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