Benji ⚽

Absolutely adorable!

What a cutie, what is his breeding, many of us are related by our Basenjis.

@tanza Hi tanza,


these are the results I foud on What do you think? Is it a problem that Blitzen is a Carrier for PRA?

0_1489424216001_blitzen.png 0_1489424223994_zahleka.png 0_1489424231843_sabisabi.png

@fjd89 - Carrier is not a problem, but a clear/normal must be used if breeding. A clear/normal bred to a Carrier can produce either or clear/normal or Carrier. So would be good to have the pup tested, that way if you bred him you would know if you could use a Carrier or if a Carrier, you would have to use only a clear/normal

@fjd89 Oooooooooh those fantastic wrinkles!! Please Please Please ~ give those wrinkles a nice little rub for me everyday!!! B wrinkles feel sooo awesomely soft (it's good to rub their head there too, makes them trust you or something, someone here will know) but the best reason is bcoz it feels soooo good!! She is just adorably cute!! Just looked at the "other" pics, if I was a jealous type person, this pup would be a perfect reason for me to be jealous! She is just so cute & she knows she is! Keep posting a few pics every so often!!

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