• The ability to pettily go through and "dislike" all of a person's posts are not conducive to any board. Like it, great. Don't like it would be fine, but when it is abused, it's wrong and petty. A new person posted about having negative rating, so I went to all his posts and put thumbs up. Nothing he posted should have been a dislike. I have watched my own rep go down a lot lately, and it is ridiculous and obvious that it happens to the most innocuous posts. Please consider removing that option.

    If someone posts something abusive, report it. But to get your panties in a wad and indiscriminately just thumbs down... idiotic, immature, and again, not conducive.

    And btw, it's easy to tell if someone downvoted. If you have 0 or 4 stars, you can hover and see who liked it. Guess what, if you have 3 people but only 2 likes... someone disliked it. So it isn't paranoia... I can see a couple of other members also targeted even on innocuous posts.


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