• Hey all,

    My wife and I have decided we'd like to get a puppy and have filled in every form of breed quiz available and have watched enough youtube dog videos to last a lifetime in order to try and find the right breed. Basenjis look like an amazing breed, but I wanted to get some advice from existing owners before comitting.

    My wife and I live in a 2 bed apartment in the heart of London, no garden. We do have a big park right next to us, like literally a 1 minute walk.

    I own a small design studio of about 10 people and I would take the dog with me to work each day (20 min single journey). At the office we would have plent of people to give him attention, but people would need to be able to get on with their jobs without the little guy being too needy... Otherwise I would have to leave him at home, which I dont really want to do. At lunch we could walk him as well as there is a park right next to the studio as well.

    My main concerns are, is it possible to have a basenji as an office dog and that he can entertain himself for the full day in a 1600 sq ft office, without being to distracting / mental.

    Also will the Basenji cope in our gardenless apartment?

    Thanks guys,
    All advice is gladly accepted!


  • Hello!
    Basenjis are not needy dogs. Some would call them cold. They like their pack (family) and are cordial to others. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. We had Basenjis in a 1 bedroom Condo in the heart of the city. 3 good walks a day and they were fine.
    I think if you crate train your dog and take some time during office hours for a walk and play time you should have no problems. Special toys and chewies that are only used at the office would be a good idea.

  • I think a Basenji would be much happier at the office with you than home alone. That said, a puppy of any breed will be a bit needy and possibly disruptive until they learn the rules and adjust to settling down at "work". A mature Basenji would likely enjoy the arrangement, but you need to have a strategy to get through the puppy stage. You also have to take precautions to ensure your pup doesn't get out the door at the office, so people would have to be clued in and careful. Some Basenjis are escape artists!

  • An apartment would not be a problem if you give your B plenty of exercise and nose time. Also, the office would be great, but do realise that dogs need a lot of sleep, not only puppies. Our 2 sisters (7 and 6) sleep all night and most of the day. So your B would need a quiet space in the office to retreat and sleep. Agree with eeeefarm: puppy time is extra intensive, but so much fun. Try to be with your B as much as possible. Enjoy!

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