• My 11 week old basenji boy has no problem holding his pee when he is in his crate and play pen. When he is in the house he seems to not think that is is his "house" as well and will pee on any carpeted or textured surface. Is there a point when basenji realize that potty inside the house is a no go?

  • He's not having accidents, he just hasn't got the idea of housetraining yet, you can't be letting him run around without watching him like a hawk. If you can't, he's gotta be in his crate. Take him out regularly, make a big fuss, treats, when he pees/poos where you want him to. If he does nothing, he has to go back in the crate if you can't watch him. Be consistent, he'll learn.

  • @giza1 Thank you for your advice. I'll make it more of a big celebration when he goes in the right place.

  • Hang in there! We have had our 10 week old for 5 days, he now understands we aren't excited when he pees in the house. But when he goes outside or on the pad he gets great treats! It takes some time, but it will happen! They are very intelligent! We also have LOTS of carpet treatment ready at all times 🙂

  • Simple instructions to creating a dog you can live happily with. Look on the right to links, including housebreaking. House training is a boring job, but if you do it right, in a few months you have it done. If you mess up, you'll still be battling this a year from now. Doing it right means your eyes are on the puppy every single second he's not in a crate or outside... or you have a leash on him. Good luck... you'll make it. 🙂


  • With the exception of my perfect Elliot, all of my basenjis have been hard to house train. You think they have it and then you find poo on the couch x__x.

    Let them out frequently and consistently and they will get it. If he plays hard take him out right away! Morgan would play with Elliot, stop to pee on the carpet and then go right back to playing. Little twerp! Also important to remember that outside potty time is for potty only. Puppies will go out to play, forget to go because they are having fun and then come in and go.

  • Banned

    I have a screened in patio and while they were young, we bought the pee pads with the fake grass. They did fairly well with that in the puppy area, but then the carpet, seemed to remind them of the fake grass and we had issue with that, so I went on Amazon and bought a really nice piece of fake grass with rubber bottom, specifically for pets, I put the pee pads underneath it , to give it a bit of a hill and I leave my sliding door open, so they can go when they want. The use it all day long and its wonderful, but it took some time.

  • If you think the pup needs to go out, your too late... LOL! As noted it takes time and lots/lots patience..... you have to be aware 24/7.... They will finally get it.... note however, especially with bitch puppies, when they start teething... many will for whatever reason totally forget potty training.....

  • Be careful on over using treats... mix it up with joyous praise and a rub under the chin and pat the back. If you do treats only they can think if they stop getting treats they might think it's bad behavior and change the potty behavior, but by mixing it up they still get the praise and reward with a good job, also always use their name with praise, and never with discipline. I'm reading this book about raising and training basenji's and it's also what my folks said they did that worked with their basenji

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