Basenji owner or breeder in Long Island, New York

Hi, Does anyone know a Basenji Breeder or individual owner in Long Island, New York ?
I have a gentleman wanting to purchase my last puppy, but the problem is one of his children has allergies. I would really feel better if he could take her around a Basenji to see how she will react before making a purchase and shipping the puppy.
Any help would be appreciated !!
God Bless,

I live in Queens New York, but I can take my B to Lond Island for a visit. If you want email me here or privatly or have the potential owner e-mail me. Long Island is pretty big but if the ride is not too long I don't mind. Or they can come by us and see what a nice B house looks like. (socks in the crate with holes, kids stuffed animals now his, no nice decorations on the table tops, plants up high).

Thanks so much!! I have sent you a PM. Michael should be contacting you soon.
Thanks again for your help!!
God Bless,

Check for allergies - I put together a strange packet that can help. I take a Q-tip and swab the inside of the dogs mouth, then take a fine comb and scrape on the skin - trying to get some dander up. I put both items in a paper towel, and then a baggy I tell the folks to take the packet out of the bag and put it under the allerigic persons pillow. If they wake up and don't have watery eyes or a rash or something - they should be ok.

Another good way is to go for a car ride with a B or 2… windows up....

but that is a great idea, Diane.......

Am I the only one that absolutely loves the way they smell? from chris and tom on Cape Cod 🙂

I have to admit I love sniffing my B

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