My 2 Senji girls!

0_1479548331195_DSC00303.JPG Darling Darla, red & white & my 1st Basenji girl.
0_1479549658778_Dorie day dreaming  2016.jpg Dorie, brindle & white & my 2nd Basenji girl

Lovely girls. Thanks for posting. It is always nice to see pictures. And so good to have to keep the memories alive.

@Nancy-Berry Thank You! I've got way to many pics to put on here. I'm thinking about making a Memory disc of them both.

@eeeefarm 0_1479622918040_14658397_10207976346149881_1135787091_n.jpg My Dorie, showing off for her sitter while I was gone overnight!! The 1st. people who had her, put her in a pen with a goat..which bit the tip of her right ear off!! But she was still such a loving girl!

Very cute and that fence is fantastic!

@DebraDownSouth Thank You ~ I love that nice solid 6 ft. fence!!

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