Does anyone know a breeder in nyc

I'm looking for a tricolor basenji in nyc does anyone know where I could get one that's a female puppy

Rob there are many breeders in the NYC area, as well as BRAT rescue.

You are wanting a puppy at a pretty good time since many go into heat around this time of year. Breeders here may know who are expecting litters, but be prepared to go on a waiting list the more specific (tricolor female) you get. Most will want home visits, references, and contracts will require spaying, not breeding unless you plan to show.

Knowing a little more about your experience, what you plan to do with the puppy (pet, show, lure coursing, other activities) will help people point you to the right breeders.

@DebraDownSouth I'm looking in to rescue dogs but do you know any breeders as a back up

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Okay another idea on rescue is to check with Camp Basenji. They are in FL, but her parents in NY so a transport could be arranged. I don't know of any specific breeders, but give it a day or 2 and breeders will step in. That said, in rescue, getting a young puppy is fairly rare.

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@Rob5098 Go to there is a link to breeders by state you can contact.


I don't in your area. Like Pat suggested, you can go here:

Check NY and NJ and any other state close enough for a drive.

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