Absolute Tragedy

I wasn't sure of the proper category to put this. This is a horrible tragedy, and I could not imagine having to cope with this. I do not know this person but I thought I should share, this is an Internationalist forum, someone may know of this person.

First Basenji's

OMGosh!!! that is sooo terrible, just got emotional twinge reading this… can't imagine what I would do, and to have such friends and supporters.

She was, I am pretty sure, the owner of Orange Pips Basenjis. 😞 I see nothing on her facebook page, but of course not being friends I would only see her public posts. Horrible thing to happen/ 😞


Yes, she is/was the owner of Orange Pips Basenjis, apparently there is information here, but it is in Finnish: In memory of Orange Pips Basenjis ❤
I guess she left a heater on to keep her Basenjis warm, and when she got home her house was in flames. She lost a litter as well as the 6 others.

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