• Hi. I don't have a Basenji but I'm acquainted with them and am considering acquiring one. I do "long-term" scouting before I get a dog. I gave nine years thought to my Dalmatian and took up riding a recumbent bike a year and a half before I got him. Raleigh is going to be 10 in August and still going strong. He's healthy except for a seizure disorder that showed up the day before he turned 21 months. He recently started having neurological disorder and I remembered that coconut oil helps dementia so I started him on that. It saved his life because I would have had to have him put down eventually. When he does leave the fold, I would like to get a smaller dog but one I can do things with. My Chihuahua, Jack, is sturdy and goes almost everywhere with me, but he can hardly go for a bicycle run. I'm retired and home almost all of the time.
    Anyway, any information on living with a Basenji, reputable breeders in Dallas or Oklahoma, etc, will be greatly appreciated.

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