Looking for a puppy or adult (1-3 years old)

  • Basenjis - Puppy Questionnaire*

    Name: Lemser


    Phone:+4915222876997(what's app possible)

    Suburb/Town/State: Erfurt, Germany

    1. General

    1.1. Why do you want to purchase a dog/puppy?*

    Because we already have a basenji and we want really a second one. They are so great.

    1.2. Do you want a dog to take to the park to play with off lead - a dog that chases and fetches balls and sticks etc?

    Only with leash possible

    1.3. Do you own any other dogs?*

    Male castrated rehpinscher and female basenji

    1.4. Do you own any other pets, cats etc?*

    White British short hair

    1.5. Have you owned a dog previously?*

    2. Housing

    2.1. Do you live in a house, flat, or unit?*

    We living in our own house at a village

    2.2. Do you own your home or is it a rental property?


    2.3. If the house is a rental property do you have the landlord's permission to have a dog?

    2.4. Is the home completely fenced? e.g. does the front door open directly into a fenced area or the street?

    Fenced around

    2.5. What is the fence made of?*

    Wood fence * * * * * * * * * *

    2.6. How high is the fence?

    Not high enough for basenji 😉 little climbers

    2.7. How large is the fenced area and what is it covered with? e.g. paved, concrete, grass

    650 Quadratmeter

    2.8. Is there access (gate etc) from the street to where the dog will be kept?

    2.9. Where will the dog primarily live during the day? e.g. inside, outside, both inside and outside

    Inside with us

    2.10. During the daytime is there generally someone at home?*


    2.11. If the puppy will be on its own during the day how long will this be as an average?

    My wife is at home until end of September.*

    2.12. Where will the dog be at night? e.g. inside, outside in a kennel.

    Inside with us in our bedroom

    2.13. Have you ever crate trained a puppy? Yes/No*


    3. Training, Health & Wellbeing

    3.1. Have you considered training and socialisation of your puppy? *If so when do you intend to start training/socialising your puppy? How do you intent to go about training and socialising your puppy?

    With other dogs in a dog club. Puppy meetings.

    3.2. Have you considered the toilet training of a puppy. How you will go about it?

    Our other dogs will show how to do right.

    3.3. Have you considered that a bored dog can be destructive. How will you go about giving your dog the stimulus it needs to prevent boredom?

    We have a lot of thing to chew and play with. Also we would do a lot of things with the puppy that it wouldn't be boring for him.

    3.4. The Basenji is a hardy breed with relatively few health issues compared to others are you aware of any of the health issues that affect Basenjis?

    Yes. We would do all needed health examinations with the adult dog.

    3.5. Are you aware of the costs involved with veterinary care? *


    3.6. Diet is important factor for a healthy, long lived dog have you though bout what you will feed your dog?

    Platinum lamb and rice for adult and for puppies puppy food and so on.

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