• strange thing, isis today lets her tail drop down between her legs when she walks or stands but the tip is still curled, and sometimes she walk with it curled up like normal.she just had her check up last month, no problems i checked to make sure the were no bug bites,ticks,rash etc, her anal glands dont seem swollen,has no problem going to the bathroom, did notice she when a few more times than normal, now and them she drags her butt on the ground, but rare, has anyone had something happen to them,or any idea who a vet could treat it. our vets dont deal much with b's thanks

  • I would have her anal glands checked… how old is she?

  • she 3 went to vets today explain condition, of course her tail was good and coiled while we were there..go figure, she checked out things like disc or nerve problems etc,got her a urine sample which they'll check out and call me on status tomorrow, the only sure find was area where she pee's (sorry cant think of the correct term) was dirty and moist which could cause irratation ,yeah and she did not like the cleaning or the anal check ,she mention that isis being over weight (31 lbs)could be causing that area to be covered in a way where air doesn't dry things out, hard the explain but when she showed me it
    made sense, they gave me some med. wipes and ointment to put down there for a week or so, her anal glands were fine, ill keep u informed

  • urine test all is well no problems there

  • Glad it's not a major, and an easy fix for her and you, sounds like you need to adjust her food and exercise. Find the amount of food you give them can really show on them Kaiser was 13.4kg(29.5lbs) at his heaviest and is now around 11.9kg(26lbs). At his heaviest he started to get baggy armpits and other areas so see that it could cause problems with getting moist and dirty. Must say I did find it hard giving him less food but he was fine, found giving him less treats the hardest.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Our dog was doing it before she went blind from SARDS, obviously not a symptom, but we took her to the vet and they said it was from anxieties. A happy basenji keeps it's tail up. Ours is doing better but her tail does stay down a lot when she is lost bumping around the house.

  • sorry to hear about your b barklessdog .. isis tail is back to normal now, just one day it was back up and hasnt been down since ,strange ..

  • My 16 month old female B droops her trail double-curled as submissive behavior. It'll almost be between her legs but the second curl at the tip will remain curled, it's just the larger curl that she undoes when she wants it seems. Sometimes she'll maintain that posture when running away from a strange, new but large dog she hasn't yet become accustomed to chewing on.

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