Tis the season??!

Today Oakley has been in a very funny mood. His intensity has kicked up a few notches, he isn't sitting still/ restless and he has nudged and licked me…is it breeding season?? Anyone's else male basenjis acting funny yet!?

My boy has been a bit weird today - but he's a neuter…can they be affected too?

Yup! Tucker is going bonkers…...trying to breed with Becca (she's fixed) oh and hubby is getting some special attention too. I am looking forward for his next teeth cleaning because we will neuter him then when he is under anesthetic, i'm hoping it takes him down a couple notches.

Oakley is neutered, has been since 10 months old (he's 33 months old tomorrow)..every year he gets funny but this year just seems/feels early which is why I wanted to see if anyone else is seeing signs of the season. At first I was worried he wasn't feeling well bc he was off but now I'm starting to feel its rut related

I will say the DAP helped when I had an intact male and an in season female.

Neutered or not doesn't change the "time of season"…. Neutered Basenji males are well aware of the time of year.

So it's not out of the realm to think its season related?

Oakleys still going strong this year in terms of funny breeding season related behaviors. It's actually driving me quite nuts. When should it start to quiet down?? I highly suspect a female in heat is around the neighborhood but either way; he's a basket case

It will quiet down when his "brain" says breeding season is over… could be soon, could be lots longer... sorry to say

Lmao….I'm for sure screwed then!

Magnum, almost 10 years old, neutered at 3 years old, shows no sign of recognizing breeding season (and never has, even before neutering). Maybe there are/have been no in-heat females in the vicinity? He is awfully laid-back for a B…I'll consider myself lucky!

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