Los Angeles?

Anubis and I are moving from London, UK to Los Angeles this August! Are there any Basenjis out there who'd be willing to meet for playdates, advice, training etc.? I found a thread which mentioned a regular meet but it was several years old…

First Basenji's

I'm not familiar with LA area Basenji meetups, but congrats on the big move!!

Wonderful news, the UK's loss is surely the US's gain.

Congrats– you'll LOVE it! I wish I still lived in L.A. to meetup with you. You'll find it's very dog-friendly. Ava never lived there, but Spencer grew up and lived most of his life there. He went to coffeeshops, sidewalk cafes, outdoor restaurants, even shopping in stores. Dogs are welcome almost everywhere, except in the indoor malls and beaches, but you see them there, too. Dog parks, hiking trails, outdoor concerts-- dogs rule. You'll have no problems meeting dog lovers, though you probably won't see many Basenjis. Spencer had one Basenji friend, but most of his playmates were Goldens, Labs, Shibas and GSDs. When I was in L.A. earlier this year, I saw Doodles everywhere.

Thanks everybody! Ah, that's reassuring to hear about LA - coming from the UK, where dogs are welcome off leash in most parks and can go to quite a few restaurants and cafes, I've worried that I'd find the rules in the US too constraining. But I already have lots of friends with dogs out there, and I'm sure they'll help me find the best walks. I've already found a training place within short distance of our house!

Seems there aren't any LA-based B's active online 😞 I found a group on FB for meetings in Laurel Canyon, but the group is closed and my request was never approved, so I assume the group is no longer active…

clearly it's a sign that you need to move to Colorado! 😉

i live in Redlands, but I go to LA almost every weekend and would be down for a play date. 🙂

I live in Hemet with my three Basenjis and would be interested in a play date toward the LA area as well.

Laskiblue, there is a really nice dog park in Redlands that you should bring your pups to! I take my dog Dopamine there 3-4 times a week.

Sabo, I used to live in Redlands. I moved before the dog park was opened. Love the name Dopamine for a Basenji – I teach psychology. 🙂

Sounds like you are due for a visit. 🙂

Seems the Saturday morning meetings are still happening! We went this morning and met 5 other Basenjis, which was really wonderful.

Sabocat, Laskiblue, if you can make it to Laurel Canyon dog park on a Saturday morning, let me know! It'd be great to meet!

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