• Was wondering if Southern Hemisphere basenjis are generally born 6 months after their northern cousins. Got to wondering about this as the northern hemisphere Thoroughbred horse breeding season winds down.

  • Yes, for example in Australia, breeding season is March/April… or there abouts, puppies are born usually June time frame.

  • Kaiser was born in July in New Zealand. So it was quite hard for me when I was waiting for a pup because it was all puppies on the forum and still a wait over here.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Ya know, I love learning new things, especially when I never gave it a freaking thought. If I had, I'd have figured it was a clock set in Africa and would simply stay the same regardless of weather. Wow just wow that they so quickly (ie less than 2000 years! 🙂 ) turned from OUR fall to S. hemisphere fall. How kewl is that?

  • Central Africa is near the equator,, so seasons are pretty moot there and basenjis haven't been out of Africa for all that long. They seem to adapt as quickly as horses do to the new schedule of seasons no matter which direction, north or south, they head.

    I wounded if my Daisy is of SH origin since her coat is much thicker now in May than it was in January. Thabo definitely NH since he's in thin summer coat and gets very fluffy by December.

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