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    I'm looking for a good whitening shampoo to get the legs of my basenji nice and white for a show. I have used bio grooms whitening shampoo but wasn't impressed. Any other ideas on whitening them up would be appreciated as well.

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  • Any normal shampoo sould work….. I don't use anything different then what is use for normal coat....

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  • White on White by Chris Christensen. I had been using just a random pet store brand and it worked but Elliot was REALLY muddy and a bit stained after the wet spring we had so I bought it and WOW. Several show people recommended it and I can see why!

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    Try Quick Silver :) it's a horse shampoo costs about $9 to $12 a bottle and it really works well on greys , roans and any thing that had white on :) great for shows !!

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