this is my 7 month old baby! love love him

I also noticed the fuzzy tail, what a cutie, how sweet they are at 7 months, time goes so fast enjoy your baby. I also noticed the bed is still in one piece amazing.

Jolanda and Kaiser

My sentiments wasn't until Oakley was two that we managed to have a bed last more than a week…before that he had at least 18 beds..some of which didn't even last a day....oh, the good times! Lol

Enjoy the puppyhood, I know that while I miss the tiny squishy body, I don't miss his puppyhood

He looks very sweet! Thanks for sharing the photos. 🙂

He doesnt really destroy anything besides my clothes hahaha. He also like to destroy all paper products., but he leaves his beds alone. He is a very calm baby and I am wondering if it will change since he is afterall a basenji. Any thoughts?

Gambit had not destroyed anything in years, then last night she got bored and chewed thru the controller on the electric throw, fortunately it was not on at the time. You are never really safe with a basenji

Lisa, so true….

After a hiatus on destruction Oakley got mad I left the house and crated him (outside the normal routine) and decided to be anxious and pull the router cord and internet cord into his crate, he ate through them (live) and ruined my router and had to have an electrician come record the internet cable...same with his bed, hadn't touched them in almost a year..then after leaving one day outside the norm he pulled it into his crate and ripped up what he could grab...

Never safe...

My God Chealsie,

You have one of the most intensive basenjis (dogs) I have ever heard of.

Cairo looks very regal…such an adorable tail!

Timesthemyth: he is something alright…lol. I think I've gotten used to it and perhaps desensitized. I don't realize how bad it looks until I read it back on the

He's gotten way better since being a pup...I always have to be super vigilant with him regards to other people, other dogs, objects and's constant and perpetual toddlerness!

My next one will be well behaved, easy and reliable..I'm determined for that to be the case!

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