Basenji mix in Overland Park, Ks.

  • My wife called this pretty guy to my attention this morning. He is listed on Craigs List, Kansas City. He is a good looking mixed having all the major traits, Curved but not curled tail, all four feet are white, he will and can bark but reluctantly, just over one year and well behaved. It's really funny, we have adopted 2 boys from BRAT but havent the foggiest idea who we should contact to get him on BRAT's available list. Only way i know how to contast the owner is through Kansas City's Craigs List, there is an email address. I would be delighted to foster him except for the the law in North Kansas City limits us to 3 dogs per household unless you hace a breeders license, and the fact we already have 2 males in house. His name is Rango, he is listed in the pet section of Craigs List.

  • As an organization BRAT doesn't foster mixes, but sometimes individual members will, at their own expense. BRAT does maintain a Basenji mix adoption site, but the dogs on there are often ones belonging to other rescue organizations. Individual owners looking to place their B-mixes, I think, have to coordinate their own dogs. When I was BRAT's Basenji mix coordinator I often would coordinate the dogs, but I'm not sure if it's like that now. I know that there are certain individuals in BRAT that don't think BRAT should deal with B-mixes at all.

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