Nouno needs to stop thinking about food….

Hi guys,

I decided to start some new threads for some issues that I face with Nouno everyday. Nouno always thinks about food , I mean of course every dog does that but he is like something else. He never stops even if there are 15 dogs around him in the park and someone holds food he will go and sit in front of him and wait…..
I am trying to make him understand that playing time is playing time and that food comes 2-3 times a day just from me in his bowl.
Can you suggest anything for convincing him? By the way everyday he eats around 190grams of his science plan food and also gets some treats like fruits or vegetables from me when he is a good boy.
Looking forward to your suggestions.

If it seems really not normal the only thing I can think is maybe the food you are feeding is not fulfilling his dietary needs, but must say Kaiser will smell someone treating their dog at the park and go sniff and sit to get some and as I carry treats myself lots of dogs especially the Labs come and bother my pocket. Check out the quality of your food you are feeding at and double check the amount you feed. Otherwise I find Basenji have very good noses and who could help themselves if they smell something yummy and forbidden. Problem can also be if people feed him at the park he will expect it, so If you see it I would ask nicely that they don't feed your dog just say he is on a special diet, if he learns he won't get anything it would help him to stop trying, maybe call him back to you and treat him yourself. Good luck.

Jolanda and Kaiser

You definitely want to discourage him mooching from others. Apart from anything else, that is what commonly starts dog fights! Personally I think handing out treats when there are a lot of loose dogs around is asking for trouble. Perhaps teach him that when he notices food he should return to you and will be duly rewarded. This doesn't entirely solve the problem, but puts you in control of what he eats! (you should be able to train this easily with assistance from someone else who helps you set the situation up. I think it would train like "It's yer choice")

You can feed him green beans. They fill him up, but won't put weight on him.

Thanks for your replies guys. I told my father to try the green beans 'test' and he told me that it is actually working:)

How do you guys gets your dog to eat green beans? Oakley won't touch fruits and vegetables..I've tried some raw, some cooked..sweet potatoes,tomatoes…he will sometimes eat pieces of apple (no skin)...surprisingly he always waits until I'm done with my daily grapefruit to come get spoonfuls of leftover "juice"...shocked the heck out of me that he likes it; won't eat the segments but loves the juice...wouldn't touch peppers or mushrooms or other citrus or melon fruits,yams or cucumbers

He told me that he mashed it up with his normal food. Nouno was eating everything when he was a puppy. Now he decided not to eat cucumbers ,potatoes and citrus fruits.

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