• Mica and I were out on another walk when it was foggy outside in the evening. She is ok on that but than we walked by a small painted white sign with a hinge at the top resting on the road, about 2-feet wide and three feet tall, advertising flowers or something (here's the catch…) with three balloons dangling from the top of the sign sitting near the driveway into the flowershop at the small shopping mall. Mica looked at them, put her paws on the sign to lean on it, and one by one, nabbed her teeth into the balloons and each went pop. With narry a thought. Mica likes popping balloons! And they were someone elses balloons on an advertising sign. I didn't stop her, and was hoping they wouldn't see this basenji popping balloons. A new toy for her. Now how do you stop a basenji from enjoying itself? 😃 :rolleyes:

    She likes to chase flys too. :eek:

    BaMicas mom 😃

  • LOL… that is too cute, you should have had a video!

  • LOL!!
    I haven't ever witnessed my B popping balloons. But, if I'm blowing bubbles, she loves to jump around trying to "catch" them in her mouth.

  • That is cute!!! A video would have been great…LOL

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