How to stop basenji from "crying"

  • Hi,

    I am new in this forum and I am so happy that I found a place where I can share my stories with people who can understand and help.

    Well, I have a new puppy since Saturday. She is 5 weeks old and very cute!
    The issues are that when we go for sleep, after 2-3 hours she wakes up in her bed (one the ground just next to our bed) and she starts "crying" because she wants to come on the bed or jump the boxes I use to create her area. Because she is very young, I dont want her to walk in the whole house and pee around, so I use boxes to create an area large enough to sleep and play.
    Moreover since Saturday whenever I leave home she starts crying until the time I come. I record her and she is unstoppable.

    Has anyone experienced something similar with his/her puppy?
    How do you eliminate this habit?

  • Have you tried giving her a blanket or towel that smells like you for her to sleep on at night and when you are gone? I would place a clean towel or small blanket in my bed at night so it would have my smell and give it to my dog when I would leave. I think the smell gave her a sense of comfort and she didn't feel so alone.

  • Part of the issue is that your puppy developmentally is way too young at 5 weeks to be leaving its mom and the other puppies. So, beyond this issue, you will need to put some major focus right now on teaching bite inhibition and socialization to make up for it the best you can. This is a very different situation for the puppy and it will need time to adjust, it's not used to being alone. That can be difficult for older puppies but I imagine it is even more difficult for younger ones. You will need to work on the puppy learning to be alone in shorter increments and you can use crate training techniques to help. Also try to find a way to have the puppy be alone for shorter periods of time at this age when you leave the house. Good luck.

  • She is way too young to have left her mom. Also, it's likely she is cold. Young pups need to be kept warm. I would suggest you talk to the breeder, but I am not very impressed with a breeder who would let you have her so young. Try to keep her warm and comfortable. She should not be left alone at this age, either.

  • Good post Nemo…. I agree, puppy was/is way to young to have left its Mom/littermates. And eeeefarm, good call also about being cold..... In the US, it is not legal to sell/place puppies until 8wks of age. My puppies are 9 to 10 wks before they are placed as with a Basenji they are not socially/mentally ready till then. Exception is if there is another Basenji in the home.. then 8 to 9 wks

  • Maybe try a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel or blanket in one corner of her crate so if she gets too hot she can move away from it. Also a clock that ticks wrapped up and put in her crate as well. 5 weeks is way too young as noted but you have her now and have to make the best of it. See how this works for you.

  • Can she see you from her bed? Try raising her crate up so she can see you and give her something old that smells like you….she is so young to have left her littermates, she will need extra reassurance! Hope you get a good nights sleep soon!

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