Now I know why there is a basenji-forum

  • The nerve of some people. They must loose a lot of business with that attitude. I am lucky, Hollie's day care people LOVE to see her come in and she never has a bad report at the end of the day. If our day care didn't take jumpers, they'd be missing out on some business (one Springer Spaniel greeted me by jumping a counter to say HI!). To further secure things they use an 8 foot fence outside, and never leave the dogs unattended. Here's hoping you can Mica find someplace that really understands all dogs, including basenjis.

  • I still haven't found one so don't fear it's pretty common our Bs are SPECIAL 😃 😃 and only the special know of them lol 😃

  • So this is my song I sing to Mica because she makes me feel so happy sometimes.

    You must have been a beeootiful puppy,
    With beauuutiful brown eyes and a curly tail…

    (that's all I have for her right now...)

    Micas mom 🙂

  • BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES!!!! yes that's a line from my song too. Funny we are all the same, crazy for our B's.

  • Special dogs, special people….....that's just the way it is!

  • Did the first name of this doggie business start with DUHHHHH? Just asking!

  • Their loss!!! They have no clue what they are missing. There's nothing like a basenji. And there is no way to describe the feeling you get from a basenji.

  • I second that. Everywhere I go, Champ is loved even though he nipps I am not allowed to visit my nieces without their furry couisn.

  • How rude and sad…some people just don't want to be educated about does take a special person be cause these beautiful creatures are special...I know my Jojo is...

  • THe place we kennel our dogs (also go to day camp every other Friday) love our Basenjis. They beg us to bring them back and someone there has asked us every time we have been there about when we were getting our new pupy since we called and asked how old they had to be to start going.

    That place is missing out big time.

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