• Hello everybody! My name is Bruce. My girlfriend and I just adopted a 8 week old basenji, Macie. She is such a nice dog and were currently working on housebreaking her and getting her to sleep in her crate at night. Anybody's opinion or suggestions are more than welcome 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum.
    Wherever did you find a Basenji in Newfoundland? She's a cutie!

  • Thank you! We got her from a breeder in a small town just outside St. John's called pouch cove

  • Adorable! Welcome to the forum.

  • Greetings from a long ago 'Yank' Newfie. The only good advice I can give you is to read everything you can find about Basenji's so you can be at least as knowledgable as your adorable little Macie, since it is a well known fact that you have to be as least half as smart as your B.

  • What a sweet girl - welcome!

  • Hi, Welcome, your pup looks very sweet. My pup is now nearly six months old and the time has flown, I'm a new Basenji owner as well but what has worked well for us so far is start training your pup now as it's so easy while they are young and socialize your pup as soon as you can as it really boosts their confidence and they can handle new situations better. And as above read and read and use what works best for you and your pup, enjoy and good luck.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Macie's such a love! Congrats and enjoy her!

  • Wow what a sweet looking puppy! Congrats. and yes, read up… they are not your typical dog!

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