• And I don't mean hot peppers. Just plain red,yellow,orange or green…

    EVERYTIME I cut up peppers Oakley smells them and starts to shake his head as if he sniffed pepper. It's the funniest thing, it's no fail too. Just this morning I was cutting some up to put in a salad, he's usually at my feet and I give him whatever I'm cutting...I hand him a pepper (knowing he won't take it), he smells it then shakes his head and breathes out his nose all while doing a funny little jig.

    Put a smile on my face so I thought Id share a lighthearted story

  • My guy absolutely loves peppers. Not the hot kind, but any type of sweet pepper. Along with tomatoes, they are one of his favourite things. I can't cut one up and not give him a taste. He will baroo if I ignore him. My previous Basenjis also liked them. Proves nothing, of course. They all liked bananas, and he is indifferent to them. 🙂

  • It makes me laugh, Oakley rarely like fruits or vegetables…he's a junk food addict! I eat sweet peppers all the time, cut em up and throw them in a bowl and I snack on them. But something about the smell infuriates his nose...so he won't even lick or try one. It's the ony food that seems to offend him, mind you he will eat (not with permission) jalape?o pistachios, sour smarties and cry baby gum without so much as wincing!

    I haven't tried bananas but I want to. It's just I don't eat them and they come by the bunch, I suppose I could mash some and freeze and then just freeze them whole as treats...I'd eat them of they were in a smoothie though so I may just have to try it out.

    He baffle me when it comes to food and I got a great laugh to watch him disgusted by my peppers..

  • I find Basenjis are quite definite about their food likes and dislikes. Once they decide something is not for them, it takes a lot to change their minds. My guy absolutely adores carrots, but I think it is because he started off stealing them from my horses, and the theft added a thrill to the experience. It's a good thing, however, because he will work his little heart out for a small piece of carrot. 😉

  • Both of my B's absolutely LOVE peppers, that and I cannot get then away from me when I cut up a cucumber either. But they will eat just about any fruit or vegetable (the good ones of course). Broccoli and cauliflower are another favorite!

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