• First Basenji's

    hey every one. im new. i love basenjis but have never owned one, i am however looking looking. if any one knows of any breeders in or around essex could you please let me know. thanks every one x

  • Welcome, we have several members in UK, hopefully some can help you.

  • Hi Sammi, welcome to the forum.
    I would suggest you contact the three Basenji clubs to enquire about breeders. That's The basenji club of Great Britain, Basenji owner and breeders and the Northern Basenji club.
    Most breeders have waiting lists.
    It's a good idea to attend a Basenji show if possible to meet the dogs and also identify breeders. I would also advise doing lots of research to make sure they are the breed for you and if possible spend a bit of time in the home of a Basenji.

  • Welcome to the forum. As Thunderbird posted, the best thing is to contact the secretaries of the UK Basenji clubs who usually have details of expected litters. This forum is ideal for gaining information about Basenjis, their characteristics and you'll be able see if a Basenji is for you.

    I always recommend seeing Basenjis in their home environment if you can find somebody to let you visit. I and my Basenjis are usually available for visits but we are quite a long way from you and my youngest are now 8+years old.

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