• I noticed Kananga has been shedding quite a bit over the past few weeks. He normally blows his coat in the later part of Winter, usually around February-March. Is it normal for them to shed at a random point in the year? Only thing that has changed recently is his food. I swapped out EVO for Orijen. Both foods are similar in nature. Salmon/Poultry mix.

    I just had him in for his annual exam a few weeks ago and he's quite healthy, no concerns there. Just curious if this is common. He's just over 4 yrs old.

  • I have two that are shedding and my girl has never done it out of season and one of my males would only do it if he traveled to another area and there was a big temperature difference. He is finished shedding/molting but I think it was caused by the extremely hot weather in July and then coming inside to air conditioning. He had large splotches on his fur and he did this several years ago when he went to TX and OK in late October for lure coursing. He looks awful when he sheds/molts like this.


  • Oakley ( at 18 months) has this past year shed out of season in addition to his winter shedding….in my house you just never know when it's gonna happen...but when it happens you know it.

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