• First Basenji's

    I do not claim to have anything to do with Uzie's personality. Though I'd like to think I had a good hand in expanding his horizons. He is who he is…....Just a reminder to all of you: I live on 10 acres with the nearest neighbor 5 acres away. I also have two older dogs 10 and 11 that have been with me for most of their lives (adopted at 3months and 6 months). Anyway, I am still laughing at Uzie's recent behavior just 5 minutes ago, as a 'Home Boy'. I just opened the door to let all three outside ( the temp dropped to a low of 87 degrees at 6pm EST) the two older kids went outside to explore, but Uzie just put his nose outside and actually refused to go out there. He just loves the AirConditioning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess??!! It just struck me funny how most B will want to go outside to 'run' (as he does at times...) He just wants to be a home body. He gets interaction/socialization with many a dog that comes here for training, and has a routine for potty times etc, but it struck me as "funny" that he decided it was not a good idea to go out now after his meal and with his pack mates. Too hot for the ol' boy I guess!!! I gotta tell the truth, I just love it really!

  • Yes I know about this only too well. One of mine (Spring) just isn't keen to go out to have a good run and would much rather stay indoors. Her daughter, Gbala, does all she can to persuade her out but to no avail.

  • Uzie has probably been outside (in his former life) all he wants, and is happy being a couch potato now. Mine love the AC in the summer!

  • Not really that surprising. Mine love being outdoors, if I am out there with them. Otherwise, they don't go out much by choice though they have the option most of the time when we are home. If I am out doing stuff in the backyard then they will come out and sun themselves or play but when I head back in they are right behind me.

  • My current boy has no use for the dog run…....he wants to be inside unless I go out with him. OTOH, my girls used to spend all day long out there in good summer weather, the hotter the better, and weren't at all interested in coming in until it started to get dark and the temperature dropped.

  • We find the same with Lela and Binti - even when the garden gate is open, they stay with the house. We in the garden, they in the garden, we inside, they inside…

  • First Basenji's

    Inside is a good thing…..my husband and I always look out for him when is asserts his independence....and I will send Candi out if he is not in sight. I just love that he is a homebody...!

  • In our house, Sable, our Shiba Inu is the time keeper. When she thinks it is time to go out she comes to me, sits directly in front of me and barks, not stopping until I ask if she wants to go out whereupon she dashes to the back door and leads the B's on the mad dash up the hill. LOL, when Sable says it is time to go out everybody goes out, no arguements.

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