• Hi I Rachel, am a brand new basenji owner….and by that I mean this is my first day with my first Basenji. lol I am 18 and live in New Mexico. I own three dogs, Ananda the Coyote/shepherd mix, Keoke the Doberman/Pitt mix, and Kiora my new Basenji. Kiora is a young adult tri-color female, I adopted her so I am not sure of her exact age,but she is estimated to be between 9 months to a year. She is unregistered but I will be getting her ILP as soon as she is fixed. My other two dogs are really hating me right now,lol. They are all really curious about each other but they are not quiete sure what to make of each other yet. Being a sighthound lover I have been familiar with the basenji breed for quiet some time, and after meeting her and seeing what a wonderful personality she has it was an easy descision to adopt her. She does have some SA but since there is almost always someone at home in my house I am not really worried about it. We have just got back from a nice walk and a romp in the park and she is crashed out under my bed...a tired dog is a good dog!;) I look forward to getting to know everybody and there 'senjis as I get to know mine as well.

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