New to forum

Hello all! I'm new to forum and am currently owned by Rumor, my brindle b. My husband and I are getting a b/w basenji in February, looking forward to lots of fun and action!

Welcome, who are you getting your b/w from? Many of us are related by our Basenjis….

Hi, and welcome. You are about to discover just how totally lost you are. When we adopted our first B a little female, 5 years ago we thought 1 was more than enough but a few years later the opportunity came for us to adopt a sweet 2 yo male, and we were sure that 2 was pleanty. Oh, how foolish we B people are, because this last August we fostered a year old male brindle, who our 4yo boy adopted on first meeting and we are now a family of 3 B's and an elderly Shiba Inu. So, just a warning, as far as B's are concerned, like Lays potato chips, one is never enough.

Welcome! Two is twice as nice… then you'll want three...

Are you getting a puppy?

Yes we are getting a puppy, will be our sixth basenji in 30 years!!! We can only handle two at a time! We are getting him from Brenda Cassell here in Texas. Looking forward to posting pics of he and Rumor soon.

Great Breeder! Congrats!

Hey yodels, congrats on the new puppy. Can you share how you found Brenda? I'm on the BCOA outreach committee and I'm curious how people are finding breeders.


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Have had previous basenjis, my friend Pat Marshall, referred me to Brenda.

Thank you.


visit BCOA on Facebook.

4 1/2 weeks until Ryder comes home!! We can't wait, trying to prepare Rumor for her new brother!

Love the names, enjoy your new baby. Two basenjis is better than 1…and 3 is better than 2, and 4 is better..............

Picked up Ryder on Saturday!!! Rumor is SLOWLY realizing a baby brother might be fun. Still snarling a bit but starting to play with him a bit. He is so cute, thanks Brenda for such a wonderful boy!

Welcome, love to see some pictures…

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