Zeus: Basenji mix? (Please give me your insight!)

  • This is my baby Zeus. I love him regardless of what kind of dog he is so this is mainly just for fun to end the questions! Everyone always wants to know his breed and so do I sometimes. I found Zeus at a dog park that is right beside a pet shelter. The shelter was closed that day so the "abandoner" left him with a family at the pet park. Luckily I showed up moments later to find him! The guy who left him claimed he had blue heeler in him but as you can see he has another breed that dominates most of his physical traits and size. I recently went on vacation with him and everyone kept asking if he was a Basenji. I googled a Basenji/blue heeler mix and voila! It looks just like him. I wanted to get feedback from some people who would know for sure though so here I am.

    He weighs about 23 lbs and right now he is about 8 months. These pictures are all from within the last few months. Typically his tail curls more, and especially when he was younger. It is long and bushy though so I believe that is definitely more of the blue heeler. I could not get him to stand still long enough to get his natural stance.

  • Perhaps a Shepherd or a Spitz mix since he has a curly tail. One of the shelters near me has a dog park next to it and people will sometimes abandon their animals overnight in the dog park instead of waiting for the shelter to open. People amaze me!


  • First Basenji's

    I still think the Podengo Grande short hair looks like the proverbial Basenji mix….http://www.dogsindepth.com/hound_dog_breeds/portuguese_podengo.html (copy and paste- it is too involved to get a pix on the forum from a download) what say you???

  • Podengos are extremely rare in the USA so finding a mix of one would not be very likely.

  • First Basenji's


    Podengos are extremely rare in the USA so finding a mix of one would not be very likely.

    ok, so my shade of grey is just probably unlikely, but not totally out of the question. I just added the link so that you can see the similarity…..So it is an American mix, maybe or maybe not Basenji- who cares, it is a dog in need, got adopted by a great heart and is a cutie! Good Luck Cheystok with Zeus!

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