• I have been laid up in bed sick today. I got up to get some water and came back to Samantha making herself comfortable on my pillow. She is always on the hunt for a new warm spot 🙂 All I have to do to get her to move is blow on her head. She hates that!


  • Haha…our boy Loki loves to steal our spots when we move, particularly with my husband. Pillows are his favorite, when the bed is made there are actually 5 on the bed including a body pillow, he'll climb on top of them all and rearrange them so that he can lay on 3 at once!

  • Yeah this story sounds about right. I think they just do it so that when you come back to bed your spot is still warm. They are just doing it for you!! Well in their minds anyways…..

  • Gee, she even has the remote close at hand (paw?) too! Actually, the picture looks familiar. I have an opportunistic boy who does the same thing!

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