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    Date: 2012-06-20, 6:28PM
    Last year I rescued an abandoned & abused African Basenji dog. Gaining his trust, love & respect was difficult; thankfully not impossible. They are incredible animals, with some very funny quirks….like covering and hiding his food.
    He is my best friend, and I love him dearly.
    Lately I have noticed him finding anything he can and trying to make a den, like my clothing, towels, whatever he can scavange.
    I've seen dog dens, but they are way out of my tax bracket.
    He is a medium to large size dog, that likes to curl up like a cat and be nesting.
    Hope I find an animal lover like myself, who may be able to help. Thank You in advance
    Location: Rockaway, N.J.
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    I have contacted the owner via e-mail as I do live in this town asking for more information about health and if they had contacted Brat… also if they could supply an age picture and health history. Hopefully they could get back to me soon. Help the guy out!

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    I mentioned health twice in the post… I was just typing quickly with out revising, but it is important info though lol.

  • He's looking for a kennel {ad vert is for "dog den"} , not a new home . . . Or am I reading that post incorrectly?

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    Hmmm.. you make a good point! I understood he wanted a new home for him but now that I look at it again u maybe right he is looking for a enclosure. I never really heard someone use the term dog den for a kennel or crate but we will see when I get a response e-mail. Also when he mentioned the dog lover part that's what gave me the idea he was looking to place it in a new home. I'm new to craigslist.. just wanted to help!

  • Anyone nearby that could explain Bs to her and how most of them like to be crated and also sleep in bed with you, usually under the covers! I have had a couple of rescues that really like to dig and circle in the sofa/chair coverings and also lay on top of the other Bs to sleep. Perhaps this boy needs a companion.


  • He is a medium to large size dog, that likes to curl up like a cat and be nesting.

    Are we even sure it is a Basenji? Small to medium might be a better description. Wonder if it is a cross?

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    This person has still not responded to me yet and I sent them a revised email explaining the mistake and advice on what kind of "den" would be best. I asked if they were willing to meet up so I could meet this lil fella. I agree with the whole bed thing my little girl is like my sleeping partner, it just doesn't happen that we are not snuggling, My bf get so jealous because her and I have a routine and shes always on my side. He wishes he has a Basenji teddy bear to sleep with heheh!

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