OKC & Denver-Basenji Craigslist Ads Flagged For Removal

  • Can someone who lives in Oklahoma City and Denver monitor Craigslist for these ads to see if they are reposted and contact the owner? I am not sure why they were flagged for removal. Does Craiglist not allow free dog ads?

    OKC Ad stated: FREE DOGS-Rott-Dobi and BasenjiThe Basenji (male fixed) is about 3 1/2 years old.The Basenji breed is a medium
    size dog–but they do not bark!! Can send pics if you are intrested. Thanks ...

    Denver Ad stated: Basenji - 6 mo. oldWe need to rehome our beautiful 6 mo. old Basenji girl. She is such a sweet girl
    and loves to cuddle! We would prefer her to go to a home with a yard but she ...


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