• I have a 14 yr old girl that last night started having pee accidents. She would not even try to get up and go out the doggie door just pee right where she was laying. We took her to the emergency vet today b/c at 14 yr old these things can get out of hand quick and I didn't want her to suffer anymore than she needed to. She was definately not feeling well. So after a long wait at the emergency vet, They did a sonogram and pulled urnine from her bladder to send off for a urnialysis,(they looked for stones but didn't find any), but the vet decided to treat the symptons, i.e straining to pee, not a lot of urnine coming out etc. My dog also has arthritis in her hips pretty bad and she was in a lot pain from squating and straning so much. The vet wrote a Rx for Amoxicillian to filled at the local "human" pharmacy b/c it was cheaper than the canine version ($4 vs. $25). I was just wondering does that sound right. Is Amoxicillian the right type of antibiotic to treat for a UTI? They also gave her a shot for pain which knocked her out for a couple of hours and she still is kinda loopy now over 6 hours later.

  • BTW I am planning to take her to my regular vet for a complete check up ASAP.

  • The only real way to know if you are treating with the right antibiotics is for them to do a culture and check what antibiotics the bacteria are susceptible to. My vet has prescribed Clavamox which has amoxicillin in it.

  • Thanks lvoss. clavamox was what the vet said the other option was, but the amoxicillin was cheaper. Still planning to take her to my regular vet for a full blood work up etc. to make sure we are not missing anything else.

  • Clavamox is stronger and since UTI's can be stubborn to get cleared up, the better choice and what Vets usually prescribe

  • YOur regular vet may want to switch to Clavamox but the amox. is fine to start with, and at $4 you can't go wrong. Some vets want to start with the 'big guns' and others start with a basic and go stronger only if needed. Hope she is feeling better soon.

  • Have you received the results from the urine culture?


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