• Has anyone used Pet Well Being Urinary Gold for UTI's?
    Information here, https://petwellbeing.com/products/urinary-gold-for-canine-urinary-tract-health?variant=33947592163459

    I have changed my basenji's diet from dehydrated Stella & Chewy's to Fromm (thank you Tanza for the recommendation). Our vet wants to prescribe antibiotics and suggests neutering our 5 year old male that we don't plan on ever breeding. Thank you for the advice. On line this alternative gets good reviews, anyone use it on this forum?

    Thank you!

    ariadne scott

  • @bark - Are you saying your vet wants to prescribe antibiotics for his UTI, if so that is the usual treatment? As far as neutering, that is not going to stop UTI's so neutering becomes a personal choice. And I have never heard of this (Natural Remedies) and honestly I would never use this for UTI's, I would just stick with the usual course of antibiotics. You can't always trust what you read on line especially when it comes to health issues like UTI's

  • Thank you for the great advice! Pat we know Anne with Toby and Carly and see them often on our walks in our neighborhood! I asked her if she knew Tanza and that's when she shared the great news you are her breeder!

  • @bark - Have known Ann for a long, long time. Her first girl came from me in 2000 that was when our relationship began. That was Crystal.

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