I have posted on this before and am still concerned about Dexi's nipping. She will bite at almost anything that is around her hands, feet, clothing even when we pet her she is looking to nip our hands. She is 12 weeks old . We have tried firmly saying no bite, strongly saying ouch, using bitter apple spray, ignoring her when she does it. Nothing stops it for more than a few seconds. Help!

Have you discussed with her breeder? And stopping for a few seconds is a start… you need to keep at it....

We did discuss it with her and are doing the things she suggested but it isn't getting any better, I was just concerned that this might become a problem. She is good in every other way, we can touch her while she's eating, take things from her mouth, move her food while she eats, and never get an aggressive response, so I dont think the nipping is from particularly aggressive behavior but I am still worried.

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