Upcoming Practice Massachusetts

  • Copied from the Linea Rossa Lure Coursing Facebook page :

    Upcoming event in Wrentham, MA on Snday April 1st! Join us for the first event of the year. The address is approx. 1000 North Street in Wrentham, MA at the "unoffical" dog park. This is right by the show/agility grounds at the state school on Emerald Street. Spread the word!

    Hope the weather stays nice for this day!

  • Would I be able to brink Oakley? He's never attended an event like this and wrenthams close to us

  • I took my little B last November and next weekend in bringing my B mixes too. There were greyhounds, afghans, whippets, and mutts. It was a lot of fun, last year and it was my first time. I'll be driving up from CT.

  • I think it will be good exposure for Oakley to be around other dogs… Do you remember fencing? ( not that oak will be off leash but just wondering..As long as the weather cooperates then I'd like to go. Do you have the event time?

  • According to their facebook page it is mostly fenced with natural barriers on the one side.

  • He will be too focused on the bunny to think about escaping!

  • Not sure about the time, are you on Facebook? You should check out their page. I'm sure as the weekend gets closer they will post a time.

  • No, I'm one of few who doesn't have a Facebook… 😞
    If anyone has a time then let me know and we will try to make it

  • Well lucky for you they have a non-facebook page also! http://linea-rossa.webs.com/
    They've listed 11am start time.

  • Excited to go coursing for Oakleys first time tomorrow… Hope the weather cooperates and Oakley decided to behave!

  • He's gonna have a great time! It'll be Greta's second time and I can't wait to see how her older B mix brother does. See you there!

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