Typical Evening

too cute!!!!

Boy is that the truth !!! great photo!

Great Action shot!

Looks like they are having FUN!

The tri-color girl (Emmy Lou), is tactically superior when they wrestle. She does this thing I call the "Cranial Crunch" ….she gets the whole top of Wiley's head in her mouth, and he can't do squat!!! Hysterical!!!!

Way to go Emmy Lou!!! Girls RULE!!

Looks like a game of "It's mine!" "NO IT's MINE!!" How cute is that!?!?!

It's actually part of their bed I keep in the garage for them during the day. They have a doggie door to the back yard from the garage. But at night, if they go out, they love to try to drag the blanket through the small doggie door, then inside to play tug of war.:rolleyes:
This happens when I break the "15 second rule"….which is, when your "b's" are out of sight for 15 seconds, it's time to go see what their up to...

i am laughing at myself. i saw basenjibratz avatar and thought, wow a gray basenji how beautiful!!! then i realized it was a black and white pic of a red and white. still beautiful!
sometimes i feel so blonde

I SO agree with the 15 second rule. My friends, who own "regular" breeds of dogs, think I am crazy to be so watchful with my basenji/whippet mix. She has, however, jumped the fence 3 times at work. Her last attempt I was able to stop by yelling "NO" at her. She, while perched atop the fence, turned, looked at me and decided she better just fall back into the fenced area and NOT go over the fence after the squirrel!! I say GOOD CHOICE!!

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