• I recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas. I was staying at the Westin Casaurina Hotel, which is about a block off the Strip on Flamingo Road. They seem to be very dog-friendly. I must've seen over a dozen dogs while I was there. I think they limit the dogs to only those 40 lbs or less. They charge a $35 one-time sanitation fee and a $70 deposit. They also provide doggie beds and bottled water, and there is a walking area out back with clean-up bags provided. The people I spoke with were very happy with the facility. I didn't have my B with me, but I think that would be a great place to stay if you are travelling by car. 🙂

  • WOW! That's really great!! I love to find out about doggy friendly places. I go through so much anxiety when I have to leave them. I've only had to leave them once…now we're planning vacations WITH them. But they have to be driving distance 🙂 DH is not trying to fly with them but I would LOVE to...I'm sure they would LOOOOVE to see Vegas or Florida or heck London or Rome 😃 😃 hee hee...!

  • I just got a subscription to Fido Friendly magazine so that I can find more places to travel with the dogs.

    In June we are taking a vacation in North Carolina at the Dog House Resort which is a Bed and Breakfast that is for dogs and their owners. I can't wait to go, we are going to go on a canoe trip with the dogs. I am not sure how Zahra will do with that but she does follow with some hesitation Chase when he jumps in the water.


  • very cool, thanks for the tip

  • We're going to South Carolina & staying at a dog friendly time share. Can't wait to see what the B's think of the beach 🙂

    Thanks for the tip…Maybe we can stop at NC on our way down to SC....it's road trips only for us these days so we can take the Bs with us 🙂

  • You'll have to tell us about the time share in SC, we are trying to pick more dog friendly driving distance places too.

  • Maybe this would be a great thread, places to travel with your B?

  • I am from Las Vegas, until six months ago moved to TN, and they have dog parks and parks with dog areas, fenced in. There is such competition between resorts for the almighty dollar. Over all Las Vegas is a pet friendly town. I have seen judges send animal abusers to jail time along with community service afterwards. There have been cases where the DA himself has prosecuted these cases and not just the wild horses being shot but dog abusers as well.

  • It is good to hear that Las Vegas is pet friendly. I am going to Las Vegas this weekend for a dog show. We are actually staying in Hendersen in the Residence Inn which allows dogs and is close to the show grounds.

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