Does anyone have a dog with a cataract? It appears that my Bowie who just turned 5 has one in his right eye. It appeared about 2-3 weeks ago and looks like it covers his entire eye. I have read that it could be nuclear sclerosis since they are similar but this is usually found in older dogs. This was supposedly his good eye except it did have dry eye. He seems to have better vision in his left eye which has the PPM and other problems then the right one. He is still able to see squirrels in the trees and can follow them when they jump from limb to limb or tree to tree! I am hoping to get him seen at OSU next week. He was seen by Dr. Tracy and his bloodwork was normal.

His mom has a cataract but it is not noticeable and at every exam the opthalmologist has always been able to see around it. It was diagnosed when I first rescued her when she was 5. Bowie's eye problems except for the dry eye and now the cataract were diagnosed when he was a pup. I took Bambi and her pups I rescued to the opthalmologist to be looked at since Bowie had a blue eye.

Has anyone had or know of someone who had cataract surgery for their B?