I know, I have to excuse myself for not being very active at the forum but I am extremely busy at the moment.
But I know most people are updated from us by facebook 😃

We have been to the racetrack last sunday with friends and their three Basenji's Dana, Ch'ami and Moyo.
It was s much fun 😃

Enya and Moyo

Enya and Buana with another doggie

Crowded park 😃


Enya and Ryan

At the racetrack

Our friends Yvonne and Kees with their pack

Enya and Ryan were playing together and sitting in the sun while I was making pictures and the others were at the start

Basenji time, first run: Dana, Moyo and Ch'ami


Dana and Ch'ami

Buana from the start


Buana loves to run

Chafuko from the start

Chaffie is born to run!

Mommy I am looking at the doggies



😃 😃

Ch'ami, Dana en Moyo

Fabulous pictures, as always. You sure capture the intensity of the chase!

Would love to see them running the track here - I wonder if there are any greyhound tracks in the area that would allow other dogs to chase the "rabbit" during off-season. Something to look into. Your dogs really looked like they love the chase!

Wonderful pictures as always 🙂

WOW! What a stellar group of pictures! I love pictures where you can see basenjis 'flying' with their ears pinned back to streamline themselves as much as possible. Ryan looks like he is growing fast. The pictures of him with the basenjis are priceless. Thank you so much for posting these. 🙂

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