• Has anyone used Trifexis for their Bs?

    We have our first appointment for the puppies on Tuesday. I went and interviewed this vet and loved her! She was very respectful of all the basenji-specific things I mentioned, as well as the breeders' absolute decree that NO Lyme or Lepto vaccines be given.

    Since we are in Houston, we are flea and mosquito-ridden almost year-round (my daughter got 2 mosquito bites last weekend). The vet says she loves Trifexis, but has never used it on a basenji. She told me to put it out to the group for any feedback. Anyone use it? If not, what do you think the best regimen is for these guys? She is willing to work with us on everything.

    By the way, we are in our hotel in Minneapolis. Going to get our puppies tomorrow am! I'd be over there right now, but a business dinner somehow got added in. These people better be as delightful as snuggling basenji puppies!

  • We've just switched over to Trifexis as of yesterday as a matter of fact. I'm keeping my fingers crossed; I hate switching stuff.

    I'd be interested in any feedback, as well. (So far so good here, for whatever it's worth. They did hate the smell and we had to do some clever moves to get them to take them – pill pockets AND chinese takeout were involved.)

  • First Basenji's

    We use Comfortis with no problems, but I prefer to give my heartworm medication at staggered times, so I don't use Trifexis.

    The smell seems really strong to my dogs, too. Bowpi is great at spitting out those pills, so I end up crunching it up into little bits and putting it in really yummy food. I just hope it doesn't ruin the taste of the WHOLE meal for her. 😞

    Some folks on one of my other dog forum have reported adverse effects from Trifexis though, especially when their dogs were at the cusp between weights because the amount of medication for 20 - 40 pound dogs is more than twice the amount given to 1-19 pound dogs. So adjust accordingly if your dog is somewhere inbetween.

  • I actually was worried about that with Annie. She is JUST 20 pounds. I might break a lot of it off next month. It seems ridiculous that both of them would get the same dose when Simon is something like 38 pounds. (He is a huge guy, not fat. 🙂 I always feel like I have to say that, which is probably silly.)

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