• First off, my thoughts and prayers are with those who have been contending with the devastating storms. This message is not meant to downplay or make fun of their situations.

    Yesterday, Kipawa and I went out for our nice long dog walk. Before we set out, I looked out the window to see what exactly I should wear. The trees were bending all over the place - even though we are on the coast, it looked rather unusual. So I put on my warmest coat, brought cotton for my ears, and took along my ugly little hat that smushes my bangs across my forehead but covers my ears. As Kipawa runs the entire 2 hours and gets warmed up, he went out 'naked'.

    What a walk! On our first part of the walk I was being pushed by the wind. We got to the area we usually hit at the 1 hour mark in just over 45 minutes. But THEN it was time to turn around. 🙂 I had to bend forward to push against the wind. Of course, my boy didn't seem to mind any of it. The walk was all about smells and blowing leaves! There is a golf course on one side of the dike. I couldn't believe that people were playing! Kipawa always finds the golfers interesting. We've even had some golfers yell out to us "hey, that's a basenji!".

    When we got back to the car, my lips were completely numb. My face felt a little numb as well. Kipawa? He just looked at me as if he was saying "that was a fun walk, Mom". Once back in the house I saw my face in a mirror. RED! Completely wind burned.

    That was the most windy day I have ever been in. As I said, my experience was nothing compared to the devastation in other areas of the world. Mother nature can be kind, but also so cruel. Good wishes to all of those who have to rebuild their homes and lives.

  • Hi,

    I love reading your stories, also Best wishes to storm affected people (and their animals)in both the USA and flood affected people from Australia. The world seems to be going through a very destructive phase and I hope we see it settle soon.

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