What time is appropriate for my 9 week old puppy to go to sleep? I think we are putting her in the crate to early, she obviously sleeps a lot during the day but she falls asleep again around 8pm and we have been putting her in the crate. The problem is she wakes up at 4am crying. She is good without any accidents during the night, but how can I get her to sleep a little later? Help, we are exhausted.

Keep her up longer and more active in the evening, not like human children… there is no "set time" .... and good luck however, when she is only 9wks.... My kids go to bed (and did as puppies also) at 8 or 8:30, but that is because I get up at 5am. At the age of your puppy, I would get up around 1 or 2am and take them out even if they were not awake. I would wake them for potty time. Then back to bed. But my kids are excellent sleepers and alway have been.

What age can I expect a longer night, i know nothing is set in stone but just looking for a guideline since we are new at this.

I will also try to keep her up a little later in the eve. Thanks!


What age can I expect a longer night, i know nothing is set in stone but just looking for a guideline since we are new at this.

That is a crap shoot…. there is no time line for that they are all different.... I can say however if that pup slept in bed with the human, my bet is would be sleeping longer. Not that you should use that as a solution unless you want a bed dog. Some are good sleepers, some are not. My first male was not a good sleeper and was always the first one up but then I do get up early... he would get up earlier....

We already have a 5yr old human in our bed. Lol. So I am trying not to add a puppy as well. My son was a terrible sleeper that's how he ended up with us. Wish me better luck with our little B girl. Maybe when she is potty trained she and my son can sleep together, haha.

I'd say she's doing well for a 9 week old puppy… Oakley is 15 months and has never been a great sleeper... It's rare I still don't get up once a night or early in the morning 5-6 to take him out, I wouldn't mind so much if i didn't have to walk him!

Yea I guess she is doing well for her age, i will be happy when she sleeps a little later.

My 9.5 week old pups are going to bed at about 9-10pm depending on how late I can keep them up. They then wake up at 3am for a potty break then up for good at about 6am. I am hoping that with the spring ahead on Sunday this will mean in bed by 10-11, pee break at 4am and sleep in til 7 am, at least on the weekends.

One can only hope right Lisa? Lol. How are the men in black boys… ?? Are you keeping them both? Would love to see pics!!

I am keeping one and the other is headed to Washington. I have been posting pics mostly on Facebook. Have several videos on my youtube channel.

I agree with everyone else. Your pup should go out to pee in the earrrrllly morning, around 1 or so? We let our boy sleep in our bed when we became comfortable knowing he wouldn't pee in bed at around 5 months. We took him home at 14 weeks. He now would like to sleep in until 9 am everyday but our new girl wakes him up around 7. Good luck!

Thank you for your input!

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